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do you live on? >> i'm on dundalk avenue. >> at what point did you realize you had a problem today? >> it was right around when i came home from work. i barely made it home from work and my wife told me there was water coming. i couldn't imagine it would be this bad. it is in our first level. >> you were able to get home today without any problems on the streets. we have seen aerial pictures from the area and it looked like for blocks things were flooded. how were you able to get in your neighborhood? >> i caught it early. i had to park my truck down the road. i basically waded in. i thought it would be fine but i can't believe it's gotten this bad. >> we are looking at a live picture. the water is still gushing. it will get worse before things get better. we understand crews are trying to turn the water off. who knows when that's going to happen. give me a sense of what's going on in your house. i understand you have water? >> yeah, but i'm trying to get this jet ski running so i can get around and make sure if i need to help out the community at all. >> have you seen any evidence
in dundalk tonight after a disastrous water wane break leaves people hip deep in water and in despair. the water has stopped but now comes the hard part of: the cleanup. i'm marybeth marsden. it is the story of the night and we have live team coverage of the deluge in dundalk. let's start with terry owens. >> reporter: the command center they're calling this one of the worst water main breaks in recent memory. there is good news. as you said the water has been shut off. that will allow dpw crews to drain the lines and they can begin the excavation process to see what went wrong. given the damage to area homes, much work remains. >> reporter: the site of a 72-inch main gushing water was nothing short of spectacular. >> the water went from knee height to chest height, depending upon where you were. >> reporter: it began around 4:30 this afternoon, a river of water racing into the nearby communities of logan's village, turner station, and water's edge. the flood waters would force some families on to the upter floors of their -- upper floors of their home. others who tried to escape had
between the beltway and willow springs road. you're also look being at-- looking at dundalk avenue. loganview is closed at liberty road. portly road is blocked. so is dunhaven. mcshane way is blocked. back between bel grave and dundalk avenue. loganview shopping center, you can't get in and out of that. that has been evacuated as are the neighborhoods south of there. ramps to and from the beltway is closed. so you can't get through there. sowers point road, as you just saw, from captain mike perry's shot earlier, it is closed between avon beach road and dundalk avenue. now, it is also extremely backed up as captain mike perry mentioned, getting in there. but the problem is, these aren't going anywhere. because there is no access into turner station right now. they are going to be sitting there. as far as the people in these homes, you can see the flooding. police are trying to evacuate them at this point. they actually have set up a shelter, we're told, at 7401 halliburton avenue at the senior center. do watch for that. do not drive in the water if you near that area. and you are,
our breaking news, big news of the day. there is a water maine break. 72-inch main broken in dundalk in eastern baltimore county. the break is at dundalk and done haven. you are look at cell phone video from a manager working in the box and save. she describes it as looking so much worse now. to give you a sense of what it is like, this water is continuing to rush through that area and heading south toward the water's edge neighborhood and streets all around that area are absolutely flooded right now. there are cars under water. vans under water. you can barely see street signs. trees and houses. this is a major catastrophe for the area. >> as water flows it starts hitting things like cars and trees and houses so it starts backing up. that's the reason it is getting deep. it is flowing in the bay. it is not like it is a river running in one direction. it is making the water back up. it still continues to flow. 72 inches you are talking about a six foot in diameter pipe. >> this is across from the marine terminal. brown highway has buckled under the pressure of the water. this is goin
>>> a community flooded. water rushes through the streets of dundalk. >> vehicles are trapped. highways collapsed. we have complete live coverage from the scene. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> we have been following this since the flooding began. a huge water main break. a conservative estimate is already tens of thousands in damage likely to be in the end in the millions. we have, of course, complete coverage of the break. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. but first, we begin with weijia jiang, who is live on the ground. weijia? >> no. actually, first we're going to go straight to sky eye chopper 13. captain mike perry. >> reporter: you're looking at this major continue jawgz of a -- continuation of a water main break. this is basically the source. if bill pulls up just a little bit, you'll see, this is -- actually used to be burning highway. a may area that traffic moves in and out of the dundalk and seger terminals. just after 4:00, this major water main broke. water began flooding out onto d
people are still talking about. they are dealing with the massive water main break in dundalk this morning. the 72-inch water main burst yesterday afternoon near brokeny highway and dunn haven road leaving businesses and homes surrounded by water. wjz and skyeye chopper 13 were the first on the scene capturing the incredible video just before the evening rush hour. the water came gushing out of a huge hole in the road leading to the widespread mess that will be cleaned up hopefully at least we will get a start on it this morning. wjz is staying on the story live with complete coverage this morning. we begin with gigi barnett live with the latest from the scene. good morning, gigi. >> reporter: good morning jessica and everyone at home. we are at the command post on dunn hill road and dundalk avenue. this is where they are monitoring what's going on right now. shortly before or shortly after the water main break around #:30 yesterday, about 800 homes and businesses were in the dark. cars were submerged in water and some people were even trapped in their homes. that is a point w
they will not let me. >> chaotic moments in dundalk after a massive watermain break. how a community is trying to cope at this hour. >> political bomb shell. why the winner of the democratic primary for mayor of annapolis is already bowing out of the race. >> and fighting fat. the controversial food ban that went into effect in baltimore city today. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> >> hello, i am jeff barnd. lets talk about what happened in dundalk earlier today. it happened just before 4:00 this afternoon. near dunhaven and broening. you saw the video. it started there but spread over a large, large area. we have team coverage tonight from dundalk. keith daniels is talking families about how they are coping, but begin first with myranda stephens with what happened. >> well, jeff, i am here along dundalk avenue, about 100 yards away from where this watermain broke earlier today. and as you can see behind me, it is still a very busy scene out here. crews have blocked off parts of the road here. so they can try to
. >> i have never seen anything like it. >> a river of muddy water runs through dundalk, how residents are trying to cope tonight. >> a break in a 72-inch main sent a lot of water into the street. what may have caused the pipe to fail. >> shaping up to be a glorious weekend. tell you if the great weather will continue beyond sunday in the sky watch forecast. >> and a shocker in annapolis. why the woman that just won the democratic primary for mayor is now dropping out of the race. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the this afternoon a 6'watermain breaks in dundalk. water g down the street flooding roads and homes. water dope and traps people in homes and forces crews to rescue others. tonight a closer look at what occurred. and how people are dealing with the disaster. and what happens in the days ahead. hello, i am jeff barnd. karen has tonight off. we have live team coverage at this hour on breaking news out of dundalk where a massive watermain broke earlier today t happened near dunhaven and broening highway. and gushin
. a very serious problem there in dundalk. let's take another live picture from sky eye chopper 13. that pretty much says it all. all of the streets are completely flooded in the dundalk area. that's going to be in the area of dun haven. the area of groping highway-- groaning highway at maryland. some other areas affected are dundalk, logan view. courtly road, with waist-deep water there. the logan view shopping center is completely flooded. as far as the neighborhood south. this is one of those things that you want to remind people, you don't want to drive in any high water. you could get stuck. could ruin your car. it's definitely an area to be avoided completely. police are, as captain mike perry said, evacuating the neighborhood. we're going to keep you updated on this. unfortunately, we can't really give you alternates at this point. it is a residential neighborhood. and most of these streets are completely flooded. we'll give you complete updates every 15 minutes, probably. back to you guys. >>> all right, sharon. thank you. >>> complete coverage continues with captain mike p
that's a 72-inch water main that ruptured under the burning highway under the dundalk avenue. it has been sending walls of water straight across dundalk avenue into the street, a shopping center and a neighborhood behind it. you can see one of the issues is when this 72-inch main ruptured it caused problems with other pipes. that is a pipe under the road sign on the median strip. that's the problem they are facing here. not only did the 72-inch main break it has caused other problems. fireman are in wet suits. they are really to stand by in case somebody is trapped inside their house and they need to go in and get them. if you look past the fireman you can see the whole neighborhood over there, as well. that's where they have had flooding in basements and homes. a lot of people have had problems. we got a call from someone earlier about a man with his five kids inside their house. they had to go up to the second floor because the water was coming in so hard and fast. this happened about 4:00 when the 72-inch main went up. sending walls of water across the street. the main go
, approaching the beltway. that's on the right shoulder. in the clearing stages, one more in dundalk, weiss avenue. >>> blocking the lane between 138. 95 northbound slow between 895 and the beltway, a 27-minute delay there. so definitely leave yourself some extra time there. there's a look at 50. big delay there as well. eastbound lanes jammed from 97 to the severn river bridge. there's a look at the west side, where we have typical delays on the inner loop. this traffic report is brought to you by life bridge. know your health, know your limits. visit for a complete list of screenings. back over to you. >> thanks, sharon. >>> it's a first for a sitting president. a media blitz on five different tv talk shows this weekend. joel brown reports for wjz now, and the presidential push for healthcare reform. >> reporter: president obama will try to dominate the air waves, with a sunday morning media blitz. his healthcare reform will be on five different talk shows. it's a presidential first. the only network not on the list, fox news channel. the president needs to sell a skeptical public on has
but, two incidents in dundalk, watermain break that has avon avenue closed in both directions, until further notice. plus, a crash also in dundalk, eastern avenue at north point road. as we check -- and everything looks good on the jfx. no problems to let you know about. back to you. >>> 5:00. the latest developments on friday's massive watermain break in dundalk. there's a massive hole bigger than this. it will probably be like that for a while. >> many are concerned about the lack of help they may not receive. linda so is live at the scene. good morning. >> reporter: this what is caused the huge mess on friday. you can see the hole from the watermain break that flooded businesses, homes and streets in dundalk. this morning many are worried their insurance company may not cover the flood damage. some flood victims say they've had their insurance for 40 years and may not receive any money. insurance adjustors spoke with people this weekend to give them peace of mind about the situation, and a situation that could cost thousands of dollars. >> it's a working class neighborhoo
in dundalk. >>> three in the back is enough but we're talking eight. what happened here? we'll tell you. >>> you can throw but you cannot run against the ravens. the first-place baltimore ravens proved to be bad company for san diego. these stories and more coming up. how you feeling? >> what a game. >> we have to mention the school closing again. >> we have a school closing. this one is in baltimore city. baltimore city school leaders telling us baltimore international academy number 335 is closed today due to electrical problems. if you go to school there you have the day off. however, if you work there, staff should report to the walbrook building. >> i'm surprised none of the dundalk schools are closed. no word of them >> no. >>> we'll look at the news and then lead you up to "good morning america" at 7:00. justin berk? >> good morning. we take you to the parking lot and our view at the veterans elementary school. i want to show you this, because now that the lights are up we can show you. we've had thick fog in spots. looks like it's not really effecting them at this part of ellic
water main break. this is flooding we understand a large section of dundalk in baltimore county. baltimore police tell us the water is waist high in some areasch you can see there, there is a person out there wading in the water. you can see the water looks like it is up to their calves so you can imagine, this is not -- this is not a lake or a stream. this is from a water main break right now. >> and some of the helicopter pictures are also showing tese cars obviously not entirely submergebut we have seen cars that are submerged. and with that reason, police are sending in swift water rescue crews to the scene. although we can it will you right now, we're not hearing that there are any injuries that are being reported at this time. but they're sending in the swift water rescue teams as a precaution. >> you can see how large this water main break is. again, this is in the dundalk section of baltimore county. not only is it flooding a parking lot, this looks like it is going all around those townhomes or apartment homes that are in this community. we are hearing that some residen
with breaking news out of baltimore county, maryland. a water main break flooded parts of the dundalk area. these live pictures from chopper 4. you can see this unbelievable damage here. this is the area around dundalk avenue. several roads have been closed. water has flowed into several neighborhoods. people are gathering out on the streets right now. again, these picture are coming to us live from dundalk, maryland. we are talking to authorities. you can see a boat making its way down dundalk avenue right now. you've got to wonder if they are looking in homes to see if people are traed inside there. >> this looks like the type of flooding we usually see when we have a major weather event. the idea this is a water main. usually you have a big gaping hole in the road, but this is quite a huge water main break. can't imagine how many millions and millions of gallons of water have flowed into that neighborhood or how much damage is going to be assessed once these waters recede and they can get into see what has happened here. this is incredible. you don't see this. >> we all remember that ri
. this happened 4:30 this afternoon on dundalk avenue when a large volume main broke open. as we told you, water rescuers are continuing as this flood has gone in to the logan village neighborhood. >> as you can see there are some cars stuck in the water. some of those vehicles may still have people inside. rescuers are trying to figure out how to get to those drivers. a major water main break in southeast baltimore county. we have a crew on the scene and we will update you on this breaking news as more information is available. and of course, topper, you told us anytime you have water like that if you can avoid it, do not be out walking in it. >> no. go to doppler for a second and i will show you. it is south of baltimore where dundalk is. just inside the beltway. and so that is incredible video. >> all from a water main break. >> well, we know, you know, last winter when the 5'5" inch broke at river road how much water can be in there. that's incredible. >> look at this and this is a huge neighborhood. >> can you imagine having a house. >> coming up to the edge of the pool there almost. >> and
795 and the route 70 interchange. again, just volume delays so far. in dundalk we still have a crash -- excuse me, crash on the outer loop at the key bridge, blocks the right lane. in dundalk, still have broening highway and avon avenue closed in both directions because of the watermain break. in middle river, westbound wilson point road at dark head cove road closed because of a utility problem. two-way traffic gets by in the eastbound lanes. north avenue at jfx, traffic looks good. looking for a business you know you can trust? let your better business bureau do the work for you. log on to for more information. back to you. >>> 6:3 . new at 6:00 -- pete "on the street" o'neal on the scene of this incredible rescue. in southwest baltimore there was a man that had to be rescued after crashing his moped into a imrail and flipping down an embankment. happened at frederick avenue and millington in southwest baltimore. guardrail. rescuers had to pull him up from the embankment. firefighters had to also use hoses. he was taken to the hospital. he's hurt but expected to
anything about evacuations. we are told that people in that dundalk section of east baltimore should be aware and ready to evacuate. the concern it is the logan village shopping center and the neighborhoods in that area. >> keep us posted. >>> plans to put a shopping mall across from a high school are raising conces. the 40,000 square foot strip mall is said to be built on ardmore road across from flowers high school. the plan was at. the plan was approved a decade ago before the school was built. >> whoever thought about putting a shopping center across from a high school must have been insane. >> the original plan was appred by the civic association with certain restrictions. it approved a building that houses a library or civic center by the ball. >>> the fight over health care, get ready for a weekend of presidential appearances. mr. obama is hitting the airwaves in full force to argue for health care reform. could be over exposure? scott thuman has what people are saying. >> the answer lies in the ratings. at what point do people tune out the president? does his message get wate
water coming out if any at all. dundalk as well as birning highway remains shut down as well as the whole neighborhood down here. for more on that massive clean-up, we will send it -- >> we are at the american legion hall in dundalk. crews are trying to assess the damage and determine the cause of the water main break. we want to show you some video from earlier today. about a half-hour ago we shot this video. it shows the damage and debris on dundalk avenue. it is a six-foot water main that broke that flooded a large portion of dundalk. there are 800 homes that lost power when the main broke and flooded cars and basements and trapped people in their homes. there were some recess he is cues, but no one was seriously injured. here is jim smith with baltimore county to talk about that. >> people used good sense by and large. they sheltered in their homes, they stayed in their homes. we have a couple rescues of people who went out in the water, which we asked people not to do. >> work which will have to be done after this will involve repairing the highway. we are here to make s
's strange to see a boat driving down dundalk avenue, isn't it? >> yes, sir. yes, sir. yes. you don't see that very much. >> well we're holding out hope for you guys out there. i know it's tough. and as youmentioned, there will be a lot of older folks in their homes stuck tonight and can't get out. >> yes. and i'm sure with them being older folks they are pretty scared right about now because you have a lot of helicopters out here and fire and police. they don't know what is going on. and i live at least 10 miles away from this area and my water pressure in my house is even bad. so i know it's affecting the whole dundalk area. >> ralph richards there at the box and save. we wish you the best. thank you very much for joining us. >> no problem. >> we'll continue watching it. >> thank you very much. you guy have a good day. >> ralph richard from the box and save. he's one of the few businesses down in the heart of this. primarily residential. a lot of middle class homes in this area. it's down towards the end, if you're familiar with the area, down toward brunning highway so at the lower par
that has broening highway and dundalk and avon avenue closed in both directions. s another crash, eastern avenue and north point road in dundalk. and a car into a traffic light pole at west baltimore street and north schroeder. middle river, dark head cove road, closed because of an ongoing sewer problem. two-way traffic in the eastbound lanes get by. jfx at northern parkway, no problems. back to you. >>> we've seen the president's opinions and his blitz on letterman, did he make news? sherrie johnson live with a lot of tapes to go through. sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: president barack obama continues the personal persuasion approach when it comes to health care proposals. he made appearances on nearly all the talk shows including abc, nbc, cbs and cnn andune -- univision. the interview with stephanopoulos got a little testy when the suggestion of the mandate to require everyone to buy health insurance was a backhanded tax increase. the president wants to make several conversations before considering whether to send more troops to afghanistan. >> i have to exercise skepticism w
want to go to dundalk councilman who is heading to the scene now. are you with us? >> yes, i am. >> what can you tell us about what you know about what started this and how long it's going to take to begin to stop this surge of water? >> yeah. i'm actually on the scene. i was listening to the reports. everything they said is accurate. there are swift boat operations going on as we speak. we have divers from baltimore county, baltimore city on the scene, as well. i spoke to the county executive. we have all the forces down here we need. it's pretty bad. it's a 60-inch water main break. i'm sorry, 72-inch water main break. they are just trying to figure out how they can, where they want to turn it off at. they have to be careful how they turn it off because if they turn it off too quickly, it may cause ruptures in other areas. >> do they know how it broke or why it broke? >> we haven't gotten that information yet. it's still in the preliminary stages. right now the focus is on the residents in the area and doing swift boat rescues. there's two-fold here. we are trying to get the w
that developing story out of dundalk. kelly mcpherson joins us now with the developing story. >> reporter: the investigation is underway. and that's the first step to figure out why this cement pipe broke earlier this afternoon. they . we'll show you the picture, because they are just so dramatic. the pipe is owned by baltimore city. it's dpw and baltimore county will work together now to find out exactly what happened. >> the age of the pipe, we are determining it was installed around the 70s. we believe it's a concrete pipe. and some of the concrete pipe around the area has been systematically replaced. until we are able to make that assessment, we're not able to tell at this point. >> reporter: you can see a lot of trucks coming in and out. also to work on putting the power back on for more than 800 homes that are still in the dark here tonight. reporting live from dundalk, kelly mcpherson. >>> we invite you to stay with eyewitness news for complete coverage of this mess in dundalk all throughout the weekend. for updates, a slide show of the area and the areas affected go to a
. we are going to give the folks in dundalk a break today. good clean up weather, a silver lining to the clouds that are hanging over dundalk. we have clear skies and 51 degrees out at bwi thurgood marshal airport. a pretty clean scan. we won't have any rain in our area but there will be clouds coming from the south and west as we speak. there you see the rain. that's a warm front that is going to come through. warm pressure is going to through wednesday and thursday. not big pours but there will be rain in the forecast. today partly cloudy skies, we will top ought 75 degree out ats the clouds begin to thicken. comfortly cool, maybe a sweater tcould be in store, but then you can get rid of it by then. let's see what lauren cook has to say in the traffic edge report. >>> thank you, tony. we are dealing from the effects of the mass si massive watermaik on friday. look at this, this is the aftermath. crews are trying to repair the 6-inch watermain break. it's massive, but as you can see some traffic is managing to get by. if you are trying to access the local roads, you want to use t
. that water main burst in dundalk. we have a picture of what it looked like from the sky. part of the road completely washed away. damaged by the deluge. >> well, this morning, much of the water has receded and people are preparing for the clean-up. we will begin with 11 news reporter john sherman. >> it was a massive water main leak moving west to east across dundalk avenue. only two minor injuries reported. >> people used good sense. by and large they sheltered in their homes, they stayed in their homes. we had a few rescues of people who actually went out in the water. which we asked people not to do. >> the specific cause of the break is undetermined, but age is it clearly a factor. >> we have had issues with failing infrastructure around the city in some areas. until we are able to get a shutdown on that pipe we won't be able to determine what caused the break at this time. >> with the flow of water stopped, now it is onto the damage. >> if there is enough water in the basement to require it, we have the fire department here on hand to actually pump out the basements. we also have the
at the scene of that massive water main broadcast in dundalk this saturday morning. scene from sky team 11. crews have started to clean up the mud and debris left behind when the main broke friday afternoon flooding an entire neighborhood. that is the big story. i'm kate amara. >> i'm lisa robinson. the 72-inch main burst near logan view shopping center. a hundreds of thousands of gallon of water washed that away near neighborhood cars and homes and water. >> much of the water has receded. residents are getting ready for the next step. that is the cleanup. >> we have live team coverage with captain roy taylor, sky team 11 and barry simms. captain roy, what does it look like right now. >> i can tell you they're still pumping out basements. this is another house that crews are working to get the basement pumped out. there has been so much water. a lot of the houses, this is one, just to the east of logan village shopping center. they're going door-to-door, checking, making sure everything is good. one thing we found out, the water in the neighborhood, they made an announcement that the wate
and where it is. by the way, we are roughly in the 3400 block of dundalk avenue. we are zooming into the source of this water which is flowing thousands and thousands of gallons. we don't know at what rate, but it is overwhelming the neighborhood. the department of public works, their main goal is to find the valve that will shut this water off. a portion of the highway is no longer there. the force of the water has pretty much taken out that section. >> you're absolutely right. finding the right valve is the mission. dodge executive jim smith, thank you for taking time to join us. we have our reporters out there. john sherman is on the ground who can bring us some pictures. we assume that that is right by the break. it is going to be dark not too long from now. what is the feeling? >> he talked about shutting the water off. it is not off at alla t this mem -- at this moment. it is course across the road, across the shopping center and into the neighborhood. it has been coming at about the same rate since we have been here. we want to give you a quick look at the situation. this
break moving west to east across dundalk avenue. by nightfall, the leak was stopped. >> people used good sense by and large. they stayed in their homes. we did have a few rescues of people who went out into the water. >> the specific cause is an undetermined but age is clearly a factor. >> we have had some issues with failing infrastructure around the city in some areas so until we are able to get its shutdown, we won't be able to determine what caused the break. >> now it is on to the damage. >> air is enough water in the basement, we have the fire department here on hand to actually pump out basements. >> the state is already offering insurance assistance. >> the governor has made available the maryland insurance administration to help people process claims for property damage if you are having difficulty. >> the state highway administration has a big job ahead as well. >> the work involves repairing broken highway and all of the damage associated in that area but we are here first to make sure that jim smith has whatever assets he may call upon from the state of maryland to assist the
damage. >>> paying the price for the dundalk watermain break. why there's so much uncertainty about handling the cost the clean up inside and paying the price for piracy. how much some ipod users could be taxed. >>> good morning. it's tuesday, september 22nd. i'm patrice harris. >>> this is the last day of summer. meteorologist steve fertig is here to tell us that fall is coming later today. >>> it is coming at 5:18. so the hours are dwindling. >> i think we need a moment of silence. i'm sad to see summer go. >> it wasn't that real hot and humid summer that we have had. >> it was not. >> maybe the winter won't be quite as extreme also. >> any predictions? , a little too early to say. actually i'm not going to step up to that. the 7 days comfortably. 66 degrees starting at the bus stop with cloudy skies. winds are calm but a chance of a couple of showers are there today. we are talking light showers, probably as early as light morning, probably 10 or 11:00, light showers, maybe .1 of hundred oof.100 of aninch of ra. 69 in mag hagerstown and you cae the showers around the appalachian
tonight, flood watch. right now a massive cleanup is under way in dundalk maryland after a huge water main break this afternoon. a 72-inch wide pipe burst and the town was virtually under water. 165,000 gallons of water poured on to the street every minute for over two hours. the water was waste deep and part of a -- waist deep and part of a road was under way. >> here is washington, baltimore to the north. now, we'll zoom into dundalk. it's in the southern section of baltimore county. now we're going to zoom in even farther to the neighborhood that was affected by all of this. the break occurred on the highway which runs parallel to dundalk. there it is. take a look. we have live triple team coverage tonight from james hash, brittany morehouse and gary nurenberg. and, gary, let's get you going on this. the investigation continues tonight. what happened? >> reporter: well, derek and anita, the good news is the water is receding tonight. but for residents of this 70-block area of dundalk, memories won't be receding any time soon. the water main broke at 4:30 this afternoon. ron re williams
in the middle of the suburb of dundalk. it dumped water into one community. >> the water was chest deep in some areas. late tonight, the senator called it a disaster. >> we may not see how much damage there is, yet. with homes and carsflooded, the state is saying they will help families in need. >>> a community east of baltimore between 95 and 695, a 45 minute drive from here. >> reporter: no injuries have been reported from this. that's very good news. an area of 70 square blocks had much of the evening cut off from the world by flood water. it was sudden and shocking. a six foot wide concrete water main collapsed. people in dundaldundalk, maryla. >> they lost a lot of things. >> everyone should evacuate. >> reporter: the water main ruptured. it's a low lying area quite a few houses do not have basements. water rolled into the first floor of homes. robert knight could not get to his house in the turner station nehborhood. >> you can't walk or drive. this is the closest we can get. >> reporter: at a press conference, officials offered help. >> we have a shelter already established at the senior
it ventilated. >> reporter: he's one of a number of residents in dundalk now struggling with their insurance companies. the state insurance administration we're told will help residents cope with any problems. the county will also waive inspection fee for electrical repairs folks will eventually have. and the county is sending a garbage truck, besides dumpsters in the neighborhood, they are sending garbage trucks starting today and into tomorrow so folks can discard some items that can't be saved after this flood. as of this morning, roughly 38 homes in this area still without power. we're live in dundalk, delia goncalves, abc2 news. >> thank you. the morning after the watermain break homeowners awoke to a new problem. seeing if their water damage is covered by their insurance. our team coverage continues with abc2 news jeff hager. >> reporter: workers stem the tide of water flooding homes in dundalk when the governor assured residents help was on the way. >> we notified the insurance administration to dispatch offense to get here. >> reporter: for some help arrived in the form of insurance
/v today. >> we want to update you with breaking news, a major water main break any dundalk -- in the dundalk area. the main broke a little bit after 4:00. the water has been gushing, flowing freely. several neighborhoods have been flooded out literally. water up to windshields of cars, chest and a deep highwater in some areas -- chest high water in some areas. in each direction, the problem for the public -- the department for public works says the problem is to get people out of the area safely. so far, they have not done that. we will continue to update you on this story as we continue the news. >> you can only imagine what the cleanup is going to be once they get the water main shutoff. anytime you see the ingredients partially hydrogenated oil, you know what has trans fats and it. >> that is why city officials voted to make a baltimore city trans fat free. >> and a good little taste test. it all food establishments will have to ditch the trans fats. it may be catching a few people as a surprise. this sunday, it will happen. things in baltimore are about to change for th
the price. >>> cleaning up the dundalk desaster. we're live on day 5 of the aftermath. >> excuse me. i said i'm not going to deal with it. >> the mayor's outburst, what she has to say about $14,000 of unexplained cash in we are bank account. >>> good morning. it's wednesday, septembe september 23rd. you're taking a live look at our hometown hot spot. we will tell you about a new program where children can read to dogs and that helps the children get more involved with reading and enjoying t and the dog doesn't look like he minds, either, right there. we will check in with them in a little bit. good morning, i'm patrice harris. let's check in with meteorologist steve fertig who probably didn't mind if we were petting him on the head. >> i was going to say i don't mind. i was going to say i feel sorry for the little girl, because i will take the little dog. a couple of little kids and pooches out there. 68 degrees, cute the weather forecast. we have clouds and temperatures around 68 degrees starting out. it's a mild start to the day and it's a calm wind so it's an easy kind of morning going o
of dundalk. extensive flooding has been caused. extensive damage has been caused. there are a lot of homes with basements in that part of town. we can only imagine the level of flooding we see there. you just saw a chopper trying to survey the damage and get a sense of how bad things are. it is so bad, as you know, police are sending out swift water rescue teams. as you can see one of them there going house to house to try to see if anyone is in danger and there may well be danger but we don't have any reports of injuries so far. we might note these are the same swift water rescue teams i'm told that were very effective during hurricane isabel a few years back when they had serious flooding in that part of the world, as well. they are in action trying to make sure though one is hurt. residents are even taking out their own boats. some are making a run for it trying to get to higher ground wherever they can. as we heard from a spokesman from the city water department a while ago it will be a couple of hours before they get this main shut down and as you can see there the water continues jus
of service. >> just amazing. the force of water. >> dundalk watermain clean up, day number three. tonight why the fight over who should pay for the clean up is just getting started. >> are those sniffles serious, how to tell if you have the cold or a flu. >> and why some say being rude is becoming regular every day behavior. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. dozens of city cars, includingplis cruisers out of service. investigators believe tainted fuel is the cause. >> city mechanics are working hard to put the cars back on the road. keith daniels is live downtown with the story tonight on. keith? >> jennifer, live at the city's only 24 hour pumping station for city vehicles. and city officials believe that gas dale came from here. so far, nearly 70 cruisers have been disabled. tow trucks delivered them to the city's main garage on bit tell street. and to other city garages for repairs. the cars won't start. sputter and sometimes die. the cruisers are among other city vehicles that
that scene and the beltway. >>> right now a major cleanup effort is underway in dundalk, maryland after a water main break occurred there. about 100 homes there were flooded and residents have started the daunting task of getting their houses back in order. alex trevino has more information. >> reporter: the hardest things for folks in dundalk, searching for personal belongings they can salvage and moving forward. this family is dealing with the aftermath. under this pile of debris on their property is christmas ornaments ruined. the worst part is their home has water damage. six feet filled the basement. >> we had a finished base and our house is up for sale. we were trying to move, and it's going to be a little longer now before we can do anything. >> reporter: the homes on this street had the most mess. crews from the baltimore county department of public works rolled out heavy equipment to help clean up. >> we are loading up dump trucks and the packer truck trucks, trash trucks. >> reporter: county workers helped residents clear their basements once the water and debris was dealt wi
dundalk's flood victims. with the first dose of the h1n1 vaccine expected in just over a week, concerns that may not be availabl meet the volkswagen jetta. it gets an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon, and was named an iihs top safety pick. all for just $179 a month. and like all new volkswagens, it comes with 3 years or 36,000 miles of no-charge scheduled carefree maintenance. it's all part of why the jetta is the top-selling german engineered sedan in america. >> the debate over health care reform prompted local physicians to resort to an old-fashioned practice, house calls. doctors took to the streets of baltimore county today trying to drum up support for health care reform. members tell us they see the devastating effects of unreliable health insurance in this country, and they believe the system needs to be fixed. >> we are dealing with this problem in the trenches every day, trying to help our patients get the best care we can provide them and the care that they all deserve. >> a recent article in the new england journal of medicine showed that the majority of american physicians
in dundalk, from the watermain break at broening highway and avon avenue, closed in both directions, and wilson point road road and dark cove road, closed in both directions. jfx here, moving at a nice pace. back to you. >>> we start with the breaking news, a murder of a college student hundreds of miles away in massachusetts. >> the manhunt is on for the suspect that has ties to maryland. it happened in clinton, massachusetts, 40 miles west of boston. abc2 news linda so has been working on the story, joins us live in the studio with more. >> reporter: the man police are looking for, from pasadena, maryland. alexander skalren. it's believed he murdered his ex-girlfriend. skowran. police found the body of the ex-girlfriend, giselle rodriguez yesterday morning in her apartment near boston. the two apparently had a rocky relationship. he -- she had a restraining order against him. she's a senior at finksburg state college in massachusetts. he also used to go there. he was required to attend an anger management class after breaking into her apartment and pouring bleach on her clothes.
to you. >> thank you. >>> people in dundalk, maryland, wake up to a major cleanup effort after a major water main break. 100 homes are flooded out there and it is leaving a lot of residents in a messy situation. we turn to alex trevino for more. >> people in dundalk are still dealing with the damage left behind from the unexpected water main rupture. for some people the recovery process is painful. under this pile of de-- debris on their property, ruined christmas ornament and the home has water damage. six feet of water flooded their basement. >> we had a finished basement and our house was up for sale and we were trying to move and now it will be a little longer before we can do anything. >> reporter: crews from the baltimore county of public works rolled out equipment to clean up. >> we are loading up dump truck and the packer trucks, trash trucks. >> reporter: county workers helped residents clear their basements once the water and debris was dealt with and electricity restored. one caution to point out, scam artists are knocking on doors in dundalk claiming they are doing cleanup
. >>> many people in dundalk, maryland, are picking up the pieces after a major water main break flood 100 homes. wusa 9 digital correspondent alex trevin organization has more. >> reporter: many homeowners are waking up to find their homes full of debris. their flooded homes will keep them busy trying to recover anything of value. >> the cleanup process is not easy. ruined christmas ornaments and the worse part their home has water damage, almost six feet of water filled their basement after a main ruptured between dundalk and broening highway. >> we had a finished basement and our house was up for sale and we were trying to move but it will be a little longer now before we can do anything. >> reporter: crews from the department department of public works rolled out equipment to help clean up. >> we are loading up the packer and trash trucks. >> reporter: county workers helped residents clear their basements. one important thing to look out for, reports of scam artists knocking on doors in dundalk saying they are doing cleanup work on the county's orders but the county executive says the
>> welcome back to our extended coverage. the break is happening, approximately the dundalk avenue. what is the latest you have for us? >> you can see the water has stopped. within the past couple of minutes, what was just a torrent of water, the 72 and to break forcing tremendous amounts of water from what appears to be a parking lot on the other side of dundalk avenue. it has absolutely stopped. we don't know whether this means that the break has been discovered and they have it under control, but it certainly appeared that that is where all the water was coming from. it has been shot off, sort of like a spit -- spigot. it has been flattening out. if they have discovered a brake, that would be something major. just about a few minutes ago, they said it would be hours before they had this thing under control. certainly a major development down here. it appears it has been shut off for now. >> if we can go back to john, have we had a chance to talk to any more people who live there in the neighborhood? are they in then -- living in the neighborhood, or they just curious? >> they pu
for many people in dundalk, maryland who are still cleaning up after a major water main break flooded 100 homes. wusa 9 digital correspondent alex trevino is in the information center with the latest developments. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, angie. people are trying to pick up the pieces right now and taking it one day at a time. the cleanup process is not easy. under the debris, ruin christmas ornaments. the worst part their home has water damage, almost six feet of water filled their basement after a water main raptured. >> we had a finished base and our house is up for sale. we were trying to move and it will be a little longer now before we can do anything. >> reporter: some homes on this street were among the hardest hit. crews from the baltimore county department of public works rolled out heavy equipment to help cleanup. >> we are loading up dump trucks and the packer trucks, trash trucks. >> reporter: county workers helped to clear basements once the water and debris were dealt with and electricity restored. one important thing to look out for. reports of scam a
neighborhood. >> r. >> announcer: now, baltimore news. >> we start tonight on the dell luge in dundalk. it stopped gushing days ago but the headaches are just starting. folks in dundalk are still clearing up and drying out after that huge water break flooded 100 homes and hundreds of cars on friday. we're back there tonight as folks try to get things back to normal and, billy, i'm sure that's not easy. >> like you speak no english. >> reporter: forget the office. kevin garrett tee was back to work cleaning up his flooded basement. >> i thought about what i should put in there, should i put nothing in there because i don't care if it happens again. >> reporter: but his basement filled with 5 feet of water during friday's water main break. >> it's stressed, just really stressed. >> reporter: but as renter mary lynn lynch is not sure yet. >> my son's clothes are gone, he had the front basement and he just lost everything. >> reporter: many parts of logan village look like a disaster zone with back yards full of trash and plywood and front yards littered with mud- caked clothes hung out to
main break flooded hundreds of homes in dunn doc. dundalk. it will take weeks to get the roads re-opened for traffic. people whose homes were wrecked have a bigger concern. some are worried that they might not be getting any help at all. >> reporter: for the third night in a row the people in dundalk are drying out. piles of debris near the curb. all to the constant drone of generators. >> they are ruined. >> reporter: a common complaint. >> someone has to pay for it. >> reporter: more than a few residents in dundalk are worried their insurance company is coming up short. >> they called this morning saying they are going to give me $5,000 but counting the water heater, washer, drier, two freezers, a couple of computers and the cleaning crew here, it's going to be a lot more than that. >> reporter: at least that is something. some people hearsay they aren't getting a dime even after being acustomer for 40 years. >> and i told my sister "you're in good hands with allstate," you're in the devil's hands with allstate. >> this is a recession. unemployment is at its highest. this is a w
highway and avon avenue in dundalk closed because of the ruptured watermain. if you're headed to the marine terminal and you're a truck you have to take the keith avenue accident. and wilson point road and dark head cove road, remains closed. and 41st street and jfx, no problems at this time. back to you. >>> 5:31. as new york prepares to host world leaders at the u.n. the fbi arrested three afghan-born men as part of a terrorist investigation. now they are looking into a plot to detonate a bomb somewhere in the united states. even though the fbi says it doesn't believe an attack is immediate, at this point it makes you a little uneasy this morning especially if you're using mass transit. sherrie johnson is live this morning. >> reporter: good morning. mass transit systems all across the country and even here at penn station in baltimore are warned to beef up security patrols. this comes after authorities say that a man was planning to detonate backpack bombs on new york city train systems. this man is believed to be a part of the al-qaeda terror cells. this person and two oth
in dundalk, md. -- 72-inch water main break came apart in dundalk, md.. cynne simpson has the latest. >> the water pressure was affected all the way into anne arundel county. i just got word that has been -- that it has been fully restored, power restored to 840 homes. officials know what the cause of the break was. it is not the age, it is the type, prefabricated concrete pipe. that is the same type of pipe that was involved in the big water main break on river road in potomac. a geyser emerging from the water main break underneath broening highway in dundalk turned straight into rivers. with water chest high, some residents resorted to boats. emergency crews waded through, making sure everyone was safe. >> everything was under water. right now, it is starting to recede. >> washing through her backyard, she salvage what she could, thankful that yard accessories are all better lost. >> nobody got hurt. one lady went into labor. >> this woman has never seen anything like this. >> i have a crawlspace under my house. my furnace is under there. the dow baltimore county executive jim smit
's washington and there's baltimore. we will go up to the neighborhood. this is inside of the beltway in dundalk. there's broening road and dunhaven road and we are talking about an incredible amount of water. in this vicinity this was the sister that was -- this was the area that was flooded. when you have a six foot main break it is unbelievable what it can do and this is the area we are talking about, the six- block area was was flooded in the region. just inside though beltway south of baltimore. we are thinking 165,000-gallons a minute so a very big -- good news it is shut off now. back to you. >> it is good news. picture of folks standing in the water. even though the water main has been shut down. we several crews heading to the scene and they will have the latest at 11:00. but earlier today we spoke to bill with the baltimore police. he's on the phone and this is what he had to say. >> i'm with the baltimore county fire department and police. they have their rescue squads out now. i think the most important message is we want to make sure that people, maybe coming from the washington are
dundalk why victims of the watermain break are fed up. >> and bad gas in city vehicles. new information tonight about what was in the tainted fuel. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. fbi and department of homeland security issuing advise on reese to police from coast to coast. >> stadiums, entertainment venues and hotels all potential terrorist targets that the fbi said it does not know of any specific. they are told to look for backpack bombs, car bombs and explosives. >> no specific information that gives concern for certain areas. otherwise in a post 9/11 world we're concerned about a lot of things. >> happens the week after arrests were made in the possible al-qaida bomb plot in new york and denver. . >> first on fox now. officials say lack of space at some baltimore recreational centers is leading to a spike in crime. >> community activists in baltimore worry that a change in programs at rec centers has forced some kids out onto the streets, committing
. it was discovered last month during a inspection at the dundalk marine terminal. >>> a near miss by investigators in 2005. in june nine people died when a red line train crashed into another train that stopped on the acks. in that incident metro's crash avoidance system failed. investigators say that also happened in 2005 when the train came within 35 feet of crashing into a train in a tunnel under the potomac river. in that case the train's operator slammed on the brakes in time. investigators will now test the equipment from that incident and compare it with the equipment from the crash that happened in june of this year. "the washington post" reports that the six recommendations made to fix the problems after the 2005 incident were never followed. >>> the company that makes the state's medevac helicopters raising a little bit of questions this morning about plans to replace the aging aircraft. american euro copter has sent the state a letter protesting what it calls a flawed bidding process to replace the choppers. the state delegate says the helicopter is larger, more expensive to maintain bu
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